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        Tel :86-316-7838700

        Fax : 86-316-7607672

        Post Code : 065701

        Mobile : 13784826663

        Web : http://www.lamonalisagallery.com/

        E-mail: hbcx@hbchangxin.com

        Hebei Changxin Imp.&Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. which is located in Shengfang town, Bazhou city, Hebei Province, is a professional steel and glass products manufacturer. It’s very convenient for transportation that our company is very near to Bejing airport and Tianjin port. Our main products are steel and glass relative products. Such as all size of steel strips, steel pipes, seamless pipes, stainless steel products,pipe fittings, castings;all kinds of glass and tempered glass, construction glass, metal-glass furniture and other relative products...

        Tel:86-316-7838700/86-316-7607671 Fax:86-316-7607672 E-mail:hbcx@hbchangxin.com Mobile:13784826663

        ?Hebei ChangXin Import & Export Trade CO.,LTD Add:LangDa Road, Shengfang Town, Bazhou City, Hebei Province, China

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